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The word Theosophy is derived from the Greek THEOS (god) and SOPHIA (wisdom)which can be translated as Divine Wisdom, Wisdom Religion or in the modern interpretation as Ageless Wisdom. The word Theosophy has been in use for centuries. However, this explanation in itself doesn’t tell the new enquirer very much.


Theosophy seeks to examine and identify the underlying elements of basic wisdom or thought of various religious teachings that have been important in the development of humankind. This examination does not seek to draw anyone away from the religion that he or she belongs to, but to give a rational explanation and interpretation of the inner meanings of the creeds and ceremonies of religion.


Members of the Theosophical Society may adhere to any religion or have no religion at all. A Faivre said of the Theosophist;


In truth, he seeks to gain the ultimate vision of the principle of the world’s reality. His work begins where rational philosophy ends, but the Theosophist is more free and more creative than the Theologian.


The ideas presented by Helena Petrovna P Blavatsky in works such as the Secret Doctrine are primarily drawn from Esoteric Buddhism and Brahminical Hinduism but also contain elements of other religious systems. In the Secret Doctrine, H P blavatsky presents a scheme for the existence of the Universe and outlines man’s place within that scheme. Her work is based on three propositions outlined here in simplified form;


1)    There exists an omnipresent and immutable principle on which all speculation is impossible.

2)    Ours is one of many universes which have existed and will exist in a boundless plane of existence.

3)     We are each part of a greater over-soul and we evolve through the learning process provided by the cycle of death and rebirth known as Reincarnation, and governed by the law of cause and effect known as Karma



H P Blavatsky also sought to interpret the eastern esoteric tradition for the western mind and to bring science and religions closer together. This work is carried on by the Theosophical movement.


Theosophy is not a religion since it has no dogma, creed, or ritual. Ideas presented at Theosophical meetings, study groups, in Theosophical literature and on the internet are for consideration and are negotiable. Even the works of the big names of Theosophy can be questioned.


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