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Theosophical Society in Wales, Conwy Lodge,

The Civic Hall, Conwy, Wales, UK.


Contact:- Eric McGough & Julie Cunningham


Tel 01248 450010




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Theosophy in Wales


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2009 Starts with a Boost for Theosophy

at the Bangor, Conwy & Swansea Lodges


The news that the Welsh Regional Association has recently received a pecuniary bequest of £3000 has to be greeted

with overwhelming enthusiasm by the members of the

three Regional Association affiliated Lodges in

Bangor, Conwy and Swansea.

The possibilities for a massive boost in Theosophical

activities at these Lodges are enormous and great

things are probably, at this moment, being planned.





Stuff for Sale


Written material, DVDs, audio CDs, and tape

cassettes are on sale at Conwy Theosophical

Society meetings from Eric McGough trading

as The North Wales Centre for Theosophy,

which is an independent, non-profit organization.





The Foundation for Theosophical Studies

Chairman:- Eric McGough

(Reg Charity Number 101 4648)



The Foundation for Theosophical Studies (Reg

Charity No 101 4648) sponsors meetings and

lectures at the Conwy Theosophical Society.


The Foundation is an educational charity formed

to promote the study of religion, philosophy and

science; to undertake and promote research in

the fields of the laws of nature and the powers

latent in man; and to advance the recognition

of the fundamental unity of all people through

knowledge of the theosophical principles of

unity, evolution and perfectibility.







Theosophical Society in Wales, Conwy Lodge,

The Civic Hall, Conwy, Wales, UK.

Tel 01248 450010